Monday, January 31, 2011


Nation on the brink, an ancient civilization, land of the pyramids and home of the pharaohs, now swept up in a massive political uprising with uncertain consequences for all of us.
According to the Daily Mirror, British newspaper, "Nine men broke into the Egyptian Museum in the early hours of yesterday, taking advantage of damage caused to the building’s security by a fire in the neighbouring headquarters of the ruling National Democratic Party.
They were caught by police and a crowd of civilians while carrying out the skulls of two mummies and two statues estimated to be more than 2,000 years old.
One statue, believed to be of Tutankhamun, was broken into two pieces by the thieves, although officials said they hoped to be able to repair it.
Zahi Hawass, chairman of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said: ‘They tried to attack and rob from the showcases of King Tut, but they failed. These people are criminals, they are not true Egyptians. The nine men were caught carrying skulls and two statues, one of which was broken. "
How do you think the crisis in Egypt could affect Egyptian artifacts and ancient architecture?


  1. I think that people might end up destroying all of the ancient artifacts and sculptures if this keeps up, because obviously there wasn't enough security to stop the thieves from getting in in the first place, and whatever security was there wasn't fast enough to stop the thieves that broke the statue in two from breaking even halfway through it. Obviously we can either expect more of these artifacts and sculptures to be destroyed due to lack of security or the artifacts and sculptures to have to be overly protected from now on to make sure that they are kept intact and unstolen.

    Michael p.1

  2. I agree with Michael in that much of Egypt's culture could be destroyed or obliterated at the rate of Egypt's downfall. If security and such are failing, protection for statues and artifacts would be in crisis. However, this might slightly help the Egyptian economy, because more jobs might open for security and protection for the ancient objects. Despite this, I think that the crisis in Egypt will certainly hold dire consequences for its citizens and all connected with it.

  3. by the way the one above is Nate, Period 1.

  4. I think that places will continue to be robbed, and it will look bad for the people who were responsible for the artifacts. They should put more security to make sure that this does not happen.

    Aaron, p.2

  5. I think that the artifacts will never be the same after this event.
    maddie Per 1