Monday, January 31, 2011


Nation on the brink, an ancient civilization, land of the pyramids and home of the pharaohs, now swept up in a massive political uprising with uncertain consequences for all of us.
According to the Daily Mirror, British newspaper, "Nine men broke into the Egyptian Museum in the early hours of yesterday, taking advantage of damage caused to the building’s security by a fire in the neighbouring headquarters of the ruling National Democratic Party.
They were caught by police and a crowd of civilians while carrying out the skulls of two mummies and two statues estimated to be more than 2,000 years old.
One statue, believed to be of Tutankhamun, was broken into two pieces by the thieves, although officials said they hoped to be able to repair it.
Zahi Hawass, chairman of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said: ‘They tried to attack and rob from the showcases of King Tut, but they failed. These people are criminals, they are not true Egyptians. The nine men were caught carrying skulls and two statues, one of which was broken. "
How do you think the crisis in Egypt could affect Egyptian artifacts and ancient architecture?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Are you 1 in a million?

Curious to know how popular your name has been over the years?
Give a look at this site, type your name in to the box and a graph will pop up displaying the popularity of your name in the millions dating back to the 1800s.

Post a comment about what you learned.

Just when you think your life is rough...

Visit this cool site and do a country comparison on a variety of topics. Leave me a comment about your reaction to some of the things you learned.

Monday, January 10, 2011

SNOW DAY, but the learning keeps going!

Enjoying your snow day? I am. Although we aren't in school you can still learn things, get away form the TV and video games.

  • If I had seen you in class today we would have drawn a map of Greece, free hand, not fill in the blank outline map.

  • Log in to the online textbook and locate the map of Ancient Greece.

  • You can always search for a map of Ancient Greece on the internet.

  • Draw an outline map of Greece and label the following locations: Athens, Sparta, Marathon, Olympia, Delphia, Peloponnesus, Crete, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea, Macedonia and Asia Minor.

  • Color the water blue

  • Title the map

  • Draw a compass rose

This assignment will be due on Wednesday, you can do it now or do it for homework on Tuesday night.

Extra Credit:

You can do both or choose 1. The more you do the more extra credit.

Research and Respond to the following question: Would you rather have grown up as an Athenian or a Spartan in Ancient Greece? Why? Remember to include the following-topic sentence, 2-3 examples and a closing statement.

Here are two articles I found, you may use others. and

Create 5 Trading Cards for Greek Gods and Goddesses. Trading Cards describe achievements or 'stats' for a 'person'. Think of baseball cards. What traits or qualities does this god or goddess have? Be sure to include a picture.

You can use these websites or create your card from scratch.