Monday, January 10, 2011

SNOW DAY, but the learning keeps going!

Enjoying your snow day? I am. Although we aren't in school you can still learn things, get away form the TV and video games.

  • If I had seen you in class today we would have drawn a map of Greece, free hand, not fill in the blank outline map.

  • Log in to the online textbook and locate the map of Ancient Greece.

  • You can always search for a map of Ancient Greece on the internet.

  • Draw an outline map of Greece and label the following locations: Athens, Sparta, Marathon, Olympia, Delphia, Peloponnesus, Crete, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea, Macedonia and Asia Minor.

  • Color the water blue

  • Title the map

  • Draw a compass rose

This assignment will be due on Wednesday, you can do it now or do it for homework on Tuesday night.

Extra Credit:

You can do both or choose 1. The more you do the more extra credit.

Research and Respond to the following question: Would you rather have grown up as an Athenian or a Spartan in Ancient Greece? Why? Remember to include the following-topic sentence, 2-3 examples and a closing statement.

Here are two articles I found, you may use others. and

Create 5 Trading Cards for Greek Gods and Goddesses. Trading Cards describe achievements or 'stats' for a 'person'. Think of baseball cards. What traits or qualities does this god or goddess have? Be sure to include a picture.

You can use these websites or create your card from scratch.

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