Monday, February 14, 2011


Games can be learning tools too!

Visit these sites and give me you feedback/learning: have to download this game, better done at home, not on the school computers. vocabulary development

Take a look at this site TO PLAY THE GAME ON FREEPOVERTY.COMHow far would you go to end poverty? Your mission here is to locate the place given to you [e.g. Rome, Italy] and how many cups of water we donate on your behalf depends on how accurate your answer is. Once you have located one city or landmark, another location will be shown to you. You may play the game however many times you wish. Of course, the more you play and the more you are correct, the greater difference you will make with your donation. If your answer is correct, 10 cups of water will be donated. The further away you are from the location, the number of cups will decrease. If your answer is nowhere near the exact location, no cups of water will be donated. Therefore by playing this game, not only are you doing a good deed for others, but you are also gaining knowledge for yourself. Give this game a try and tell me what you thought! stop the spread of the flu pandemic build the parthenon