Friday, August 27, 2010

Oetzi, The Iceman

In the first section of your textbook we read about Oetzi, the Iceman discovered in Europe. Oetzi has given archeologists lots of clues to the world's prehistory, but not everything is crystal clear. At first there was confusion surrounding his death, was he killed by another human, did he freeze to death, was he attacked by wild animals?

Your assignment is to read one of the articles and respond to these questions on my blog, remember to select anonymous and sign with your first name ONLY and period:

1. According to the National Geographic article, why was the Iceman killed?
2. Why do archeologists believe this to be true?
3. Why do you think the copper axe was left behind?
4. What is your theory on the death of the Iceman?
1. What clues led archeologists to determine the season of Oetzi's death?
2. Describe the disaster theory.
3. What is your theory on his death?