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Oetzi, The Iceman

In the first section of your textbook we read about Oetzi, the Iceman discovered in Europe. Oetzi has given archeologists lots of clues to the world's prehistory, but not everything is crystal clear. At first there was confusion surrounding his death, was he killed by another human, did he freeze to death, was he attacked by wild animals?

Your assignment is to read one of the articles and respond to these questions on my blog, remember to select anonymous and sign with your first name ONLY and period:

1. According to the National Geographic article, why was the Iceman killed?
2. Why do archeologists believe this to be true?
3. Why do you think the copper axe was left behind?
4. What is your theory on the death of the Iceman?
1. What clues led archeologists to determine the season of Oetzi's death?
2. Describe the disaster theory.
3. What is your theory on his death?


  1. I think Oetzi was killed by a pack of wild woolly mammoths.
    Mrs. Webber Per.5

  2. I think he died from salmonella in his scrambled eggs!
    Mrs. Webber Per.6

  3. I think he died from someone hitting him with something.
    Cayla Per.6

  4. I think he died from the arrow in his shoulder and the cold.

    Andrew per.5

  5. i think that the iceman died from a injury causing him to die.
    Raquel per. 6

  6. 1) according to the artical, he might have been died as human sacrifice.

    2)archeologists believe this to be true because there was an injury.

    3)I think the copper axe was left behind because someone killed him.

    4) I think he died because of the arrow in his shoulder.

    Anna per.6

  7. 1)According to the artical, he might have been died as human sacrifice.
    2)Because of injury
    3)I think iceman made mistake. The iceman wanted to kill animals but he made mistake.
    4)I think the iceman died because of animals.

    Jihyun per.6

  8. I think he died because of the coldness outside and his struggle to stay alive

    Connor Per. 6

  9. This one is real...
    I think he died because of animals and arrow.
    Because he couldn't protect animals' attack, he would die.

    jihyun per 6.

  10. I believe the ice man was injured and that he was long dead before he was preserved by the ice.
    Serenity Pd 6

  11. Questions/articles answers
    1. The N.G. article says ice man was killed by sacrifice
    2. the area, time period, and ax all lean towards this prediction
    3. i think the ax was left behind for protection
    4. my theory on ice man's death is being shot in the shoulder, then dying in frozen pain
    Tali per 6.

    1. Hop Hornbeam pollen was found in his intestines. It was eaten after flowering which happens in the spring.
    2. The disaster theory was that he was in an argument, that led to fractured ribs, then he fled to the mountains and died of hypothermia.
    3. I agree with the latest theory that he was shot with an arrow, fled to the mountains, then then was exhausted and laid down and died.
    Jenny per. 6

  13. 1. Scientists think that the iceman died because of human sacrifice.

    2. People think this is true because of the arrowhead in his back

    3. I think that the copper axe was left for protection.

    4. I agree with the theory of human sacrifice.

    Nate per.6

  14. I think he was on top of the mountain fell off a sheer cliff to his death and the wounds healed over time.

  15. 1. According to the National Geographic article the Iceman was killed as a sacrafice to the gods.
    2. Archeologist believe he was sacraficed because he was in a place where mountain cultures have made offerings. Also if someone murdered him they probably would have taken his ax.
    3. I think the copper ax was left behind because he used it to protect his self in the after life.
    4. my therory on the death of the Iceman is he was sacraficed.
    Donovan period 2

  16. I think the iceman was either shot with an arrow or attacked by wolfs or he was stabbed and bled to death.
    By Zakary period 1

  17. 1) According to the National Geographic article he was killed as a sacrifice to the gods.
    2) He was killed in the place where people from the mountain cultures traditionally made offerings to the gods. He was possibly buried in the trench after they killed him.
    3) I think the ax was with him because he died from the cold and no one found him until now.
    4) I think while the iceman was sleeping in the trench a storm came and froze him to death. The storm could have kept him covered with snow so he didn't get eroded.
    -Hanna p2

  18. 1) According to the article he died of many injuries and a lot of blood loss.
    2) The diasater theory is that he was a shepard and he went back to his village and got attacked and he managed to escape and he made it to the top of the mountain and died of hypothermia.
    3) I think he died of going into another groups territory and got attacked and he managed to get away but got hit with an arrow while running and he made it to the top of the mountain and he died of blood loss.
    -madison p1

  19. 1. According to the National Geographic article the Iceman was killed as a sacrifice to the gods.

    2. Archeologists think this is true because of an arrow in his back.

    3. I think the copper axe was left behind because no one had found it until now.

    4. My theory is that the Iceman was walking up a moutain and someone shot him with an arrow.

    Kimberly Period 2

  20. I think he did it himself, because if it was a sacrifice, he most likely did it him self

    josh per 1

  21. According to national geographic, THe ice man was given as a human sacrifice to the gods.
    Ed PERIOD 1

  22. 1) According to the N.G. article, the Iceman died because he was a human sacrifice to the gods.
    2) Archaeologists believe this to be true because of the area in which the Iceman was found, the fact that the copper ax was left with him and the nature of the Iceman's culture (mountain worship in the Copper Age).
    3) I think the copper ax was left with him because (and this is based off my theory, see below)his murderer saw a storm coming and thus didn't take the time to take the ax because he wanted to get off the mountain.
    4) My theory for the death of the Iceman is that he was cornered onto the mountain by another human, and was chased up to the pass, where his murderer attacked him. After this, a storm appeared on the near horizon, and the murderer took off down the mountain to safety. However, the Iceman wasn't so lucky. He was already mortally wounded, and he knew he couldn't get off the mountain in time, so he just gave up. I think the storm and his wound killed the Iceman.

    Hmm...that was rather long.

    -Nate Per 1

  23. That cool artical said that Oetzi died in the Fall, but later on they said the Spring, so I'm not sure about question 1. The Disaster Theory is that Oetzi was a shepherd bringing his animals home. He got sidetracked and got into some fight or argument, or something like that. Oetzi was injured, so he escaped and ran for the mountains. Then he got hypothermia,which probably just made his day, and died. Poor guy. I personally believe Oetzi died from a combination of the arrow lodged in his shoulder and hypothermia. But then, it was Spring/Fall when he died, so surely it wasn't that cold, but I must keep in mind that it was a long, long time ago and back then they didn't have those fancy winter jackets we do now. It IS cold, like say, on top of Pikes Peak. I wonder if he tried making a fire. Maybe there was too much snow. It certainly would have kept him warm, though. Were those mountains larger than Pikes Peak? I, pesonally, think they probably are, and i guess it gets windy up there. Has anyone ever been there? I wonder how long it took the iceman to climb the mountain. Nate might be right, if there was really bad weather, it would have worn Oetzi down, possibly killed him. There could be more Oetzis, has anyone thought of that? Have the mountains been searched? Maybe there are more icemen/women, but maybe they are buried really, really deep becausse of spring thaws, and mud layering itself upon it/him/her. That would be soooo cool!
    Oops. Iguess i got a little sidetracked.
    kylie, period 1

  24. 1. According to the National Geographic article,the ice man died from a injury to the arm or he was a human sacrifice to the gods.

    2. Archeologists believe that this is true because a arrow in his back means he was murdered probably takeing care of his animals that someone stole.

    3.I think the copper axe was left behind because when he went up to the after life he would give the axe to the gods.

    4.My theory on the death of the Iceman is that he was walking home with his animals when someone shot him.Then ran off with the animals but left the axe there so when he went up to the after life the gods would not be mad.

    But thats what i think and i almost forgot about doing this. I should right it down next time.

    Sarah,Period 2

  25. 1. National Geographic said they think Oetzi died either from sacrifice to the gods or murder.

    2. Archaeologists think this is true because the wound in his shoulder couldn't have been self inflicted because of where it's at. So someone either murdered him or sacrificed him to the gods.

    3. I think the copper axe was left behind because he probably didn't know he was going to get murdered or sacrificed so he most likely had it with him and dropped it when he died.

    4. My theory on the Iceman's death is he was probably out hunting and was with somebody. So they all shot and one guy hit his shoulder and just left scared he might get in trouble.

    Katie,Period 1

  26. wooohooo kylie your can really wright what your thinking your so lucky i wish i could do that. I just sit there and think about what i should wright takes me FOREVER! HA :) and that would be super cool.

    Sarah, Period 2

  27. locke pd1 i think the ice man died of two thing
    one: it could of been a time of war and the other people thought he was a threat and shot at him and.
    two: when the axe went throw him he slowly died and then the ice just kinda took over him body. and thats how he became the ice-man

  28. 1.The article states that Oetzi died from human sacrafice
    2. This is because archeologists found a arrow in his shoulder, and Oetzi was found in a place of sacrafice
    3. The axe was left behind because whoever did this to him would be causght if they had Oetzi's axe.
    4. I think Oetzi died by "accidentally" getting hit with a spear while hunting by one of his rivals for huntngs. He then buried Oetzi so no one would find his body
    Ryan prd 2

  29. 1. The article says that Oetzi died from human sacrifice.
    2. They believe that because of the spear through his shoulder(killing him for sacrifice).
    3. The axe probably was took from Oetzi when dead and left behind for some reason.
    4. My theory is that the iceman died from human sacrifice.

  30. stephen prd 2 above

  31. 1. Well the article said that Oetzi died because of a human sacrafice.
    2. The archeologist believe that a spear which was in shoulder killed him for the sacrafice.
    3. The copper axe left behind that was tooken from Oetzi was there for a certain reason.
    4. I think that he was killed by a man he did not like and so the guy buried or something and I also think he might have been killed by a human sacrafice.
    Stewart prd 2

  32. 1. According to the National Geographic article, Oetzi was killed for sacrificial purposes.
    2. Archaeologists believe he was killed this way because during the time period he lived in, human sacrifice was a key component in many popular religions.
    3. I think that the copper axe was left behind with Oetzi because he most likely (in my eyes) was trying to protect himself from other people who were trying to murder him.
    4. My theory on how the iceman died is that he was out hunting in the mountains and he was attacked and murdered by another band of hunters who probably disliked him or his ideas.
    Anna per 1

  33. 1. National Geographic decided he was killed as a sacrifice to the gods.

    2.Archeologists belive this because a National Geographic explorer has dicovered, Inca "Ice Maiden" which was found on the summit of Peru's Mount Ampato. She was determined to have been a sacrifice.

    3. I think the copper ax was left behind because the person who killed him was a miner and worshiped it so, he left it behind.

    4. My theory is he died because he had something that the person wanted so he killed him for it

    Kylie period:2

  34. 1.In the National Geographic article,Oetzi was killed as a religious sacrifice.
    2.The archaeologists think he was killed for this reason because where Oetzi was found was a traditional place where people from mountain cultures made religious sacrifices.
    3.I think that the copper axe was left behind because if he was used for a sacrifice then they might have left his axe with him to help with the after life or that it was overlooked by the people who killed him so they didn't take it to keep as there own.
    4. I thing that the Iceman died because he had been exiled from his tribe and some of his tribe members were particularly spiteful and killed him to make sure that he didn't come back.
    Sammy per 1

  35. 1.) The BBC article says that the scientists who examined the scene of Oetzi studied the pollen that was found underneath him. the pollen underneath him came from automn blooming plants, so they concluded that Oetzi the iceman died in automn.
    2.) The Disater theory states that Oetzi was a sheperd who got in a fight, cracked a couple of ribs and hiked to the top of a mountain and fell asleep. Then, supposedly he died of hypothermia during a storm in which he was caught in.
    3.) I believe that he was hunting ontop of the mountian when he got in a fight with another hunter and was left to die there. I think that ther is no way he could've hiked to a mountain top in his condition.

    Chapman Period 2

  36. the article I used was:
    Chapman Period 2

  37. 1. In the National Gographic article Otzi was
    killed in a sacrificalritual.
    2. They think this because he was fonund in a landskape that was traditinal for someone to have a sacrifice.
    3.I think they left the axe bcause of traditions to leave it for gods or afterlife.
    4.I think that he was spying on a tribe when the fonud him and chased him into a ditch where they killed him.
    Cosmo period 1

  38. 1) The scientists found traces of pollen in the ice near Otzi therefore suggesting that he died in Autumn
    2)The disaster theory is that Otzi was a peaceful and Jolly sheperd man who was walking home when he was attacked and injured. He walked up a mountain, fell asleep and died of hypothermia.
    3)I believe Otzi died after getting stung by a bee, because he was deathly allergic to bees.

    Period 2

  39. 1) According to the National Geographic article, the Iceman was a human sacrifice to the gods.
    2) The Iceman was found in a trench between two of the highest peaks in the Otztal Alps. This place is where people made offerings to their mountain gods.
    3) I think the copper axe was left behind as one of the Iceman's weapons, but the murderer could not see it in the snow storm, so he could not steal it.
    4) I think the Iceman was murdered based on the arrowhead in his shoulder and knife wounds in his body. He may have been hunting in another tribe's territory and was attacked.

    Period 1

  40. 1.the artical says he could have died as a sacrifice
    2.because of his injurys
    3.i think after dying all of his stuff were left behind
    4.i think he died in a fight after getting hit in the chest by a arrow
    per.2 gonzalez

  41. 1. National Geographic says he was either murdered by an enemy or sacrificed to the gods.
    2. Archaeologists believe it to be true because..
    A. There is a large arrow wound in his back, as though he was shot.
    B. An Ax in good condition was left with him like an offering to the gods.
    C. He was in a high up area, close to where ritual sacrifices were done.
    3. I think the men who murdered the Ice Man didn't notice it or thought it might make up for their act of wrong-doing by leaving it.
    4. I think he died from possibly going near another tribe's sacrifice area, and maybe the other people murdered him, because it doesn't seem likely that he would be sacrificed be getting shot and then buried in a ditch.

    Corinne, Pd.2

  42. Here are my answers to the questions on the blog:

    1)According to the National Geographic article,the Iceman died from injuries and loss of blood, he sacrificed himself to the gods he believed in, and/or a murder.

    2)Archaeologists believe that it is true because of the arrow in his back which probably meant he did that to himself for the sacrifice or someone shot him with it out of nowhere to steal something from him.

    3)I think the copper axe was left behind to show where he had died as a rememberance, like a grave or to be taken with him in the afterlife to the gods to protect himself with whatever dangers where ahead in his journeys.

    4)My theory on Oetzi's death is that he was murdered as he was doing his normal, everyday arons, he died from loss of blood, or he died from going mentally insane from the freezing temperatures.

    I almost forgot to do this as homework so good thing i remembered at the last minute!

    Nina Period 2

  43. 1) Acorrding to the BBc artical the IceMan died in the autumn because of the pollen found in one of many tests.
    2) The disaster theory is that the IceMan was a shepard who had gotten in an argument of some sort on the mountain. In the battle he suffered injures to the chest. Eventually the Iceman fled and made it to the top of the mountain he then took cover in a cave type thing exhausted from his injures. Eventually he died from hypothermia and then his body was covered in ice and presved until now.
    3) i agree with the BBC News on this one. It make so much sense andI have no better ideas.
    Period 2

  44. The iceman died by a bowen arrow while walking sheep to another palce. He got shot and couldn't move and fell into the snow. He froze to death until Archeologist had found him a couple thousand years later. Per. 2 Armijo

  45. Ha Ha nice one Ean...But I don't think that he died from eating scrabled eggs...National Georgraphic believes that the ice man was a sacrifice. The reason being is because he had knive wounds and an arrow in his shoulder. I have no idea about the copper axe! I too think that the iceman was a sacrifice

    Autumn Period 1

  46. 1-National Geographic Society has proposed that the "Iceman" was killed as a sacrifice to the gods.

    2-The Iceman's remains were found in a naturally formed trench on a prominent pass between two of the highest peaks in the Ötztal Alps. "This is the kind of place where people from mountain cultures have traditionally made offerings to their mountain gods," said Reinhard.

    3- I think it was because the iceman wanted protection and he knew an attempt on his life was coming.

    4- I think he may have been banished from his tribe and so he was shot by someone from his tribe.

    -Joe P-2

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    Cathi per5

  48. 1.According to the /national geographic article the iceman was killed as a sacrifice for gods.
    2.The archaeologists believe that this is true because the iceman was found where they would normally do sacrifices.
    3.I think the copper ax was left because it was valuable to him.
    4.My theory on the death of the iceman is that he was sacrificed.
    Audrey per2

  49. According to the National Geographic article, they think Oetsi was was killed as a sacrifice Based on new evidence.I think his friend scared away the other tribe. I think he was in the middle of a fight with another tribe when a person on the other tribes side threw his spear at him from behind and took the spear out but the arrowhead stayed and he fell in the snow to die. His friend scared away the other tribe.

    Brandon per 1

  50. i think oetsi was one of the first ever sacrifices because of the time period but they only managed to plant the arrow head in his shoulder when a pack of wolves or varius animals came so every one ran leaving the animals to attack oetsi. then came a snow storm so they left oetsi not being able to move to be frozen in the snow/ice, but thats just my opinion.
    Emma, per 1

  51. (1&2)In the National Geographic article it said that Oetzi's death may have been because of murder or a sacrifice to the gods. They found Oetzi's frozen body in a trench that may have been used as a burial ground in the time period.So that put a contributing factor to Oetzi being sacrificed.
    (3)As of the copper ax i think that Oetzi dropped it before he fell.
    (4)My theory on how the ice man fell is that he got murdered. I think that he was hunting one day and he encounterd someone from another tribe and picked a fight. He lost the fight and dropped the copper ax right as he fell to his death. Then i think that people from his tribe came along and found him dead so decided to bury him in a trench. After that, before they left they set his ax next to him, then coverd him up.
    nick per.1

  52. Iceman died from the the wounds that he had. Scientists discovered a knife on his hand,The body was found from a glacier in alps as it was frozen and that could be another possible way he died from to.
    Fabian p-1

  53. 1. First they stated he died sometime during fall because they believed to find pollen from autumn-flowering plants near, but later they discovered he actually died during Spring. They proove this with pollen also frozen which they researched to be from plants that bloom in the period of March and June, thus during Spring.
    2. Before looking deeper into it, they beleived he got into a fight and got away with a fractured rib. With his injury he settled down in shelture where he died and was frozen in ice. Later studies found that he had actually broken his rib after his death. After that they found an arrow head barried in the man's shoulder, leading them to a new story; the man got into a fight and as he fleed for the mountains he was hit with an arrow in his shoulder. Although he tugged at the shaft it would not come loose. He died from the injury and exhaustion where his body was soon barried in snow.
    3. Because the article has great proof to back up it's story, I agree that the man died from the arrow. He most likely was not very strong, maybe weakened by a food shotage, but since it was Spring that would seem extremely odd. I believe he got in a fight as stated in the article and sheltered, where the injury and travel was to much for him so he died to be covered in snow.

    Sammy period 2

  54. why do you think the copper axe was left behind?I think the copper axe was left behide beacuse some was trying to kill someone that was trying to hurt him and he took the axe try to defend himself but they killed him and it landed somewhere he didnt see it. Leslie p-5

  55. The cropper axe was left behind because he was carrying the axe in his hand until the arrow head shot him on the shoulder he felt weak and drop the axe and died.Blizzard pass and the ice man got cover with snow and his tool until someone found him. Cindy p-2

  56. I think Otzi was banished from his tribe because of something he did, and then some people from the tribe found him and killed him.

    Caleb Period 1

  57. 1)In the article they say that he may have died as a human sacrafice.
    2)some archaeologists believe that he was killed this way because the time he lived in, human sacrifice was a popular religions.
    3)i believe that he left the axe there because he knew he was going to die.
    4)I agree with the human sacrafice therory


  58. well im not no archaeologist guy or something but what if he was shot by an arrow by a theif to steal his sheep and money but then he dies in the harsh cold either way i think im right
    ur homeboy ELI p.5

  59. 1)the polin in his lungs determaned the season in witch he died.
    2)the disaster theory was thathe fled to the mountains then died of hypothermia.
    3)the ice man was shot by an arrow in a cridical artery.

    jacob per.5

  60. I think he died of him getting into a fight and himself getting stabbed and his wound getting infected causing him to die.
    Daniel period 6