Monday, November 8, 2010

Chapter 3 Review

Play this review game to prepare for the test on Wednesday!


  1. I thought that this review game was better than some of the previous ones, because the questions were harder. I thought that the ones about what the Nubians did were the hardest. I thought that the last question was particularly difficult because when I tried to answer it, I would get it wrong, but it wouldn't show me the right answer so I didn't know the right answer to the question when I did the test a second time to try to get a better score. Anyway, I thought that this game was better and the questions harder and more confusing. I think that we should do more things like the Janga game in class as review because I thought that a lot of the people that don't usually pay attention in class did because it brought their competitive side out and made them want to win. As always, thanks to Mrs. Webber for making the review game for us and coming up with the review in class!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sammy S. Per. 1

  2. Thank you for your kind comments and suggestions.
    I think the problem was that I forgot to label which response was the correct one when I made the quiz, I'll fix that.
    Mrs. Webber