Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chapter 2 Review Opportunity!!!!

Take a few minutes and use this quiz to review for the Chapter 2 Test, on Thursday.



  1. I knew all the questions! Yay! thanks to mrs. webber for the review game. i still think it could use a little more work though. some of the questions were kind of indirect. thank you again.

  2. that was a cool test. kylie from 1st period says thank you. i love how whenever we have a test, mrs. webber makes a quiz. then i know what to work on.
    thanks mrs. webber!!!
    you already know who i am. ha!

  3. That was a great review. I messed up on some of them because I was to tried but it is a great way of learning.

    Kimberly Period 2

  4. Sooo helpful, but I think you kept on spelling "the" wrong.

    Chapman Period 2

  5. That was very helpful. I missed only two questions but know I know them.

    Jordan, Period 6

  6. that was cool thanks.

    Maddie period 1